Come to Hartland for Sheep hunting

Stone Sheep

Bighorn Sheep Hunting

Our average weight is 350+ pounds.

Bighorn sheep hunting is special! This species is very muscular and stocky. Mature rams have enormous horns, which can curl to the point of making complete circles. They can weigh 350+ lbs.

Bighorn sheep provide a very challenging hunt. They prefer open terrain, with a mixture of cliffs, rocks and canyons. Hartland has limited species of sheep, it makes for an excellent trophy hunting.

Stone & Dall Sheep Hunting

Our average sheep weight is 250+ pounds.

Although dall sheep hunts, as well as stone sheep hunts are extremely challenging, at Hartland we can guarantee your success without the extreme terrain and effort that mountain hunting requires. 

A mature male can be spotted by their horns which can grow up to 40″ long. Males can weigh up to 250 pounds.

This species is available at Hartland and we have the expertise to guide and help you land your trophy! Contact us today to book your trip

Dall Sheep
Big Horn Sheep Ovis canadensis portrait on the mountain

Sheep Species in Canada

There are two main species of sheep found in Canada. Thinhorn Sheep (the subspecies are called dall sheep and stone sheep) and Bighorn Sheep (the subspecies are called Rocky Mountain, California and Desert Bighorns). Hartland offers estate sheep hunting from September thru early December. Also, no tags are required. Contact us to book your trip today!