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whitetail deer hunting

The province of Saskatchewan is home to some of North America’s biggest whitetail deer. Our bucks on average weigh 250+ pounds. There is a limited number of whitetail deer here. The most common trophy size is 200-250” plus SCI. Come to us for Saskatchewan whitetail hunting.

Our average buck weight is 250+ pounds.

Whitetail deer are the most sought-after hunting trophy in the world, even though they are the smallest of the deer family. They have incredible hearing and a keen sense of smell. They tend to be the most active at dawn and dusk. Their coat changes with the seasons, making them a challenge to hunt. They have a flighty and fast temperament which also makes it an exciting hunt.

mule deer hunting

A mule deer is unique only to western North America. It got its name from its ears, which are shaped like a mule’s. Our bucks weigh on average from 250-300+ pounds.

Our average buck weight is 250-300+ pounds.

Hartland has a limited number of mule deer, generally scoring 180-240” SCI with a very few exceptional trophies in the 260-300” plus SCI category.

Mule deer provide a good challenge as they camouflage well into their surroundings. When there is snow, you can spot them by their brown bodies; without snow, look for their white rumps. When the snow is patchy, that is when spotting them can be the most difficult! They gravitate towards brush and hills because that is where their food is.

world record mule deer
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Deer hunting season

Saskatchewan offers both rifle and bow hunting seasons for whitetail deer. Estate hunting, however, is not limited to a deer hunting season or the tag system.

The best time to go deer hunting in Saskatchewan is September to late November or early December. This is when we encourage our visitors to book their hunt with us.

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