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Our average bison weight is 2000+ pounds.

Plains and Wood Bison Hunting

Buffalo hunting is a historical trade. It’s an amazing experience to hunt one of these giants. It is the largest land animal in North America. Plains bulls can weigh up to 2,000 pounds. Wood bulls are heavier, weighing over 2,600 pounds. At Hartland, hunters may take young bulls (a good representative of the species) or the massive older trophy bulls.

Buffalo hunting trips

The best method for hunting buffalo is to spot and stalk. Fortunately, buffalo leave many signs on their journeys. You can look for well rubbed and scratching areas, as well as large clumps of shed hair. As expected, their trails are large and easy to follow. Almost every part of a buffalo can be used, the meat is especially fantastic.

Due to their large size, shot placement is vital. It is best to avoid shots that are too close or too far away. This is where we come in - we'll accompany you on your buffalo hunting trip to ensure you have success! Hartland offers estate hunting from September thru early December. Also, no tags are required. Contact us today to book your trophy buffalo hunting trip!

Wood bison