High Road Hunting

The Hartland Ranch was extremely pleased to welcome Keith Warren from the TV show High Road Hunting.

Keith is an icon in the outdoor television industry and a devoted conservationist. He has been producing and hosting television shows specifically geared to outdoorsmen for over thirty years and has appeared on television networks such as Outdoor Channel, Sportsman Channel, VERSUS, ESPN, ESPN 2, and Pursuit Channel.

He currently hosts The High Road with Keith Warren and Keith Warren's Deer & Wildlife Stories, nationally broadcast on the Pursuit Channel.

Keith brought along an incredible new product called the Dragon Claw Air Rifle from Pyramid Air. It's a .50 caliber, single-shot, bolt-action, precharged pneumatic rifle capable of firing a projectile up to 679 fps!

Check out the video below of Keith's adventures at the Hartland Deer Ranch, and be sure to subscribe to his YouTube Channel!